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For many years now, Booking Expert has devoted much of its time searching for technology solutions to continuously improve the level of satisfaction of its clients and to create added value within its development team and share it with all those who operate in this sector day in, day out. Hence the idea to share developments and useful guides with hoteliers, who are often too busy to investigate rather complex areas or themes that bring benefits to their business.

Themes that we will tackle in this TOOLKIT area, ranging from the more technical aspects of how to correctly configure your hotel website in terms of SEO, therefore how to optimise it for search engines, up to the most popular revenue management practices adopted by hotel management gurus.

The idea is to publish periodically, with no fixed expiration date, interesting and relevant topics to provide an accurate and improved visibility of your accommodation facility within the galaxy of the web. For the more "virtuous" who wish to propose topics concerning hotel management, rate policy management, management of social networks and/or experience, we are at your disposal to create and share what the team has to offer.

The guides for hotel management, and the website of their accommodation facility are available free of charge for increased circulation. Next, by clicking on the icon you can download, print and share the TOOLKIT to maximise distribution of your hotel: