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All the visibility you want for your direct bookings at prearranged and reduced costs!

With Booking Expert you have the opportunity to plan Advertising Campaigns for your website on the main Metasearch and hotel comparison sites: Google, Tripadvisor, Trivago, Kayak...

Nowadays, this advertising is essential for your facility's visibility on your customers' main purchase channels, it allows you to compete with large international OTAs, increasing direct sales and reducing commission costs.

Booking Expert will therefore become your professional consultant for the online promotion of your hotel. Investigating, planning, monitoring and analysis of ROI for online advertising campaigns of each type of accommodation facility and tourist company.

Availability and prices in real time directly on Google!

Do you want to be visible on the world's leading search engine with a consequent increase in direct sales?

Now you can thanks to Google HPA, Hotel Price Ads. The service allows you to view in organic searches, on Google Maps pages and Google Hotel Finder, the price and availability updated in real time for the period sought by the user, with links to booking on your Official Site!

End user/customer conversions reveal a very high rate of approximately 3%

Millions of travellers use Google and Google Maps every day to plan their journeys and overnight stays

It allows you to focus investment towards a specific target, already focused on purchasing a stay in a particular location and with specific arrival and departure dates.

it promotes visibility of the accommodation facility, competing with the large international OTAs;

Commission free bookings from Tripadvisor!

Booking Engine R2 is an IBE certified by Tripadvisor for TripConnect Campaigns! Make yourself visible in the "Show Prices" of your Hotel profile on TripAdvisor and compete with the large OTAs, more direct bookings and fewer commissions for your facility!

It is a simple PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign, which is characterised by:

  • Ease of activation directly from your profile on TripAdvisor
  • Simple management of budgeting with setting of spending limits
  • Ability to customise the geographical targets

search on Tripadvisor.it for the location or name of the desired hotel;

under the "Show Prices" button, a menu appears with the possibility of searching for the best rates, even directly from the facility's official website;

Link to direct booking on the official site.

access to the chosen hotel's profile from those proposed;

clicking on the "Show Prices" button displays the portals including the official website, with room rates and availability;

Want to be on there with your prices and your Official Site?

Trivago is one of the most famous travel review and price comparison sites in Europe and is currently experiencing strong growth in important markets like the US, and emerging ones, such as Brazil. The portal receives more than 15 million unique visitors from over 26 different countries each month.

A solution focused on hotel promotion that allows to increase the visibility and sales of your accommodation offer, competing directly with the major international OTAs.

How does it work? Simple!

The accommodation facility can plan a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign according to its distribution requirements and budget. Nexteam Hospitality will look after interfacing the Booking Engine with the price comparison section of the destination (1) and publish the offer according to price and availability of the official website (2).

In this way, the accommodation facility benefits in terms of visibility and competitiveness, both with competing businesses at their destination and the major online travel agencies.

Trivago Advertising, conversion rate estimated at 3%, one of the highest ROI on the market....Try it!

Kayak Price Comparison is a brand new product dedicated to hotel web marketing that allows you to increase visibility and direct sales of your own accommodation facility and to compete with larger international OTAs.

This service acts as a simple PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign; Booking Expert will interface your booking engine with the price comparison section of the site and will publish the offer according to price and availability of the Official Site. Thanks to this product, the facility will benefit in terms of competitiveness in their tourism sector and will be able to compete on equal terms with the leading online travel agencies.

Kayak's Story

Kayak, founded in 2004, is one of the world's most used metasearch engines (especially in the US and Europe) with 65 million monthly searches and allows to compare, with great simplicity, thousands of travel portals with an extremely intuitive interface. It boasts websites in 14 countries outside the US, including the UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

Why use Kayak Hotel Comparison?

Targeted advertising - Highly targeted Ad Campaigns that allow a higher conversion rate than general portals.

User-friendly - An intuitive and very simple interface that can be easily broken down into three steps: Search, Find, Done.

Mobile bookings - Boost the visibility of your facility even on mobile platforms with more than 15 million mobile applications downloaded since March 2009

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