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Rate Competitor

What do your Competitors do? Find out with our Rate Competitor!

An essential tool to plan your facility's rates across all distribution channels, we guarantee maximum reliability and accuracy in obtaining data from your competitors.

Optimises volumes and profitability!

Rate Competitor is a simple and intuitive tool that allows all the accommodation facilities that use online booking portals to monitor the rates and the offers proposed by selected competitor Hotel, in a quick, coherent and effective way!

Rate Competitor - Operation


Simple, Fast and Intuitive!

Truly fast and coherent, to facilitate your own distribution choices. Furthermore, thanks to Web Based technology, it is accessible from any location connected to the web.

Rate Competitor – Useful


In-depth analysis

It allows differentiation by Portal, Competitors, room/rate plan type, date or period. Data displayed in graphic and tabular format and is also exportable.

Rate Competitor - Real Time

Real Time

Online in Real Time...24/7!

with the possibility of performing real time comparisons for up to 10 days by query, it allows for direct modification of the sales strategy thanks to the direct link with the Channel Manager.

Rate Competitor - Viewable


Analyse reports whenever you want!

The system allows to schedule daily reports with duration of 30,60,90... days that can be sent to specific email boxes, making the data easily viewable with Microsoft Office Excel and Open Office Calc.

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