Reassures the customer
that the price
on the official website
is the lowest!
all the advantages
of booking
Lowers the abandonment rate
conversions for
direct bookings
BeSmart - Price Check Widget & Analyzer
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Give visitors to your official site the chance to view, in real time, rates on the various portals and online agencies, transforming Booking Engine R2 into a metasearch engine for comparison.

After conducting a search, visitors will have the chance to compare rates on the OTAs (without leaving the website to see the offers available on the portals), thereby obtaining a clear view of the advantages and savings gained from direct booking.

The Price Check Widget increases direct sales, giving travellers an immediate idea of the prices available elsewhere. An important element to reduce the time taken by the customer to complete the booking.

Confidence in the direct booking channel will increase as customers instantly understand the advantages gained as with respect to those offered by OTAs, resulting in an increase in bookings.

The Price Check Widget is completely customisable, so as to communicate in a more effective and persuasive way the advantages and convenience of direct booking to customers!

Advantages of using Price Check Widget

  • Reassures the traveller that the actual price on the official site is the lowest compared to all the online portals.

  • Clearly highlights all the advantages and benefits of direct booking.

  • Saves the customer time as they no longer need to leave the official site to check prices on various portals.

  • Reduces the risk that the customer, after checking the prices on the portals, books your room, or worse still, another hotel's room on OTAs.

  • Reduces the rate of abandonment and increases the conversion rate for bookings from the booking system.

  • An advanced system of analysis and statistics on the situation of parity or disparity of rates compared to the OTAs.

Currently prices are checked and verified on these OTAs (shortly on other channels)

Price Check Analyzer

Are you 100% certain that the prices shown on your website are the most advantageous for your customers or in rate parity with the OTAs?

The "Price Check Analyser" allows you to have full control of the prices available online! For every single search performed by customers on Booking Engine R2, the system will check the actual parity and/or advantage/disadvantage of the official site compared to the OTAs.

For every search out of parity (therefore at a disadvantage for the official website) there will be an alert in the Price Check Control, so as to allow you to solve the distribution problem, maximising direct conversions.

Price Check Control

Price Check Tool will soon be available within the Booking Engine R2 administration system. It is an exclusive and innovative system that will 100% guarantee that the best price is on the official website!

Price Check Tool, configured correctly, will be able (automatically) to offer customers the best price in the event that the OTAs are cheaper.

You can decide in complete autonomy whether to apply, from the Price Check Tool, an extra discount on the price available in order to make the price on the site the most advantageous ...

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