Program for Retailers

...the ideal solution to grow your Business!

Becoming Booking Expert "Authorized Retailer" is simple and allows you to expand quickly your offer exploiting a range of products of a "Brand" already enhanced on the market.

We have various formalities of resale on purpose for our partners, which are from the simple highlighting of a client to the exclusive distribution for Nation, up to the solutions also totally "White Label."

The Retailers potentially "ideal" are surely firms that daily have already consolidated relationships with the reception facilities as Web Agency specialized in the tourist sector, Advisors of Web touristic Marketing firms, Revenue Management firms, services and welcoming system for hospitality firms that distribute hotel software for clients (PMS), which are not provided with systems to manage the distribution online.

To the retailers, upon to resale solution, we offer a suitable on-job commercial and technical consultant, to maximize the results of the Partnership without initial investments!

Compiling the following form, you will be contacted from our "Retailers manager" that will show you all the business opportunities to distribution and resale of our products / services.

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