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GDS - Global Distribution System

GDS - Global Distribution System

The GDS (Global Distribution System) world is a connection telematics system dedicated to travel agencies, which handles large databases, creating a "one stop" booking service. Hotels, requests for cruises and airline tickets, car rentals and all the main tourist activities are coordinated through GDS, which represents the main channel for corporate customers in terms of turnover and number of transactions.


In recent years there has been a huge rise in partnerships, thanks also to the integration with the world of Internet.


Make your hotel bookable from more than 600,000 travel agency terminals worldwide, make the negotiated rates available to the large network of agencies and Consortia. 


GDS ... visibility in Agencies all around the world!

Alesia Distribution

Code OK Alesia Distribution

Booking Expert integrates connectivity to the GDS with the code (code OK) of Alesia Distribution, ensuring:

  • total integration with the Channel Manager and Booking Engine R2;
  • first-rate customer service;
  • extremely convenient;
  • the best rate guaranteed;
  • clear and truthful descriptions of the facilities represented;
  • payment of the commissions through the Onyx Payments, the international market leader, within 60 days of the departure date of the hotel guest


Being present on the GDS with Booking Expert ensures the hotel a number of advantages:

  • the company is Italian and the customer service and marketing staff offers its services in Italian;

it is the only technology platform developed in Italy, with next generation seamless connection to Switch Pegasus;

Sabre Travel Network

Founded in 1959 (American Airlines) it is owned by Silverlake, Texas Pacific Group. It has the largest share of the market, around 50% (with 2,881 million dollars’ worth of bookings).

Sabre Travel Network puts customers in contact with suppliers of tourism services through the world's largest travel marketplace. More than 55,000 affiliated travel agencies, with more than 400 airlines, 88,000 hotels, 24 car rental companies and 13 shipping companies. More than one million transactions processed per minute. With this GDS it is 4 times more likely to find the lowest rates compared to others, with 20% average net saving on every ticket.

Travelport (Galileo - Worldspan)

Founded in 1993 and established in 1990. The second in terms of market share, about 36%. Owned by Blackstone Group, One Equity, Technology Crossover & Travelport management.

Travelport manages 20 leading brands, including Galileo and Worldspan (GDS), Orbitz (OTA), and Gulliver's Travel Associates (wholesaler). With a revenue of $ 2.4 billion in 2005, the company is active in 130 countries. A global Tour Organiser that has: 21,000 hotels, 3,000 apartments and villas, 7,000 car rental agencies, 2,500 tours and excursions, 1,300 customised tours, 3,000 transfers, 300 tourist guides, with its unmatched global reach, combined with local expertise.


Formed in 1987 by WAM Acquisition, with its headquarters in Madrid, Spain, it is the only one not to have the head office in the US. It is third in terms of market share, claiming 14%. Amadeus confirms itself as the undeniable distribution leader for Italian Travel Agencies with over 20% growth in Italy in terms of segments booked. It stands out for its ease of use, its modularity and the exceptional and unique integration capabilities with customers' solutions. Amadeus Customer Care Services, the consulting area of ​​the company, is another huge success.

Pegasus ODD

Pegasus ODD

In addition to the classic GDS of Alesia Distribution, Booking Expert is able to distribute and make bookable, thanks to the integration with ODD (Online Distribution Database) system by Pegasus, your facility on over 100 ADS IDS (Internet Distribution Systems).

Consortia, a safe choice

Over 600,000 important travel agencies have a contract with one of the four major GDS: SABRE, AMADEUS or TRAVELPORT (Galileo/Apollo or Worldspan). By connecting to the system, they can perform searches on multiple parameters, such as:

  • location or Airport code;
  • Chain code (code OK for Alesia Distribution);
  • hotel name; type of hotel;
  • points of interest; characteristics of the facility;
  • services offered by the hotel;

Many travel agencies are part of Consortia, which therefore represent real buying groups, very different depending on the type of customer and geographic distribution. These Consortia book, in 90% of cases, using GDS, because the booking is very fast, clear and precise and gives agencies the guarantee to receive commissions for the bookings made.  

Main international Consortia

  • ABC
  • American Express
  • BCD
  • BSI
  • BTI
  • Carlson Wagonlit
  • CCRA
  • DER
  • E-Hotel
  • FCM
  • Hogg Robinson (HRG)
  • ITP
  • JTB
  • Radius
  • Thor
  • Travelocity Business
  • Worldtravel

Not being present on GDS means missing out on a crucial market share, especially from foreign Agencies and large international Consortia. By joining you will also have the opportunity to participate in specific commercial initiatives, meetings and direct marketing with the agencies.

The hotels that join a Consortia program ensure important requirements, such as:

guarantee of the last room available on GDS
the best rate (BAR) in line with the other distribution channels
negotiated rates guaranteed for the whole year

An agency that has already booked in a particular hotel, will be motivated to re-book at the same, if paid promptly. The problem is that the number of agencies that book an hotel with GDS is very high and distributed internationally. This means that the hotel has to pay each agency individually, with different currencies and making payment transfers to different Countries.

To avoid all these complicated steps, we offer hotels Onyx Payments, global market leader in commission management. The system is integrated to ALESIA Distribution and allows to pay all the agencies and GDS with a single monthly transaction.


The system is very simple and effective, with a single monthly payment for all bookings.

  • The first day of each month the technology platform (CRS) automatically sends to Onyx Payments a summary of bookings and commissions.
  • In the following days the hotel logs on to the Onyx Payments system and checks if the bookings shown actually correspond to the actual guest stays in the hotel.
  • After about 23-24 days, Onyx Payments sends the general summary of commissions, both of the agencies, and ALESIA Distribution.
  • At this point, the hotel makes a single payment and Onyx Payments is responsible for redistributing the commissions to the individual Travel Agencies and ALESIA Distribution.
  • From an accounting point of view, the hotel must only receive the commission invoices from ALESIA Distribution, the travel agencies must issue a self-invoice.

Simplified commissions... guaranteed bookings!

Onyx Payments

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