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Your facility on the most important hotel booking sites!

Easy Start-up allows, in just a few hours, to get online on the portals best suited to each accommodation facility. The service provides contacts and strategic partnerships to achieve visibility on all the world's main accommodation booking sites. With Easy Start-up more than 3 billion people will be able to find out about the facility and book at the click of a button.

Are you being ignored by some portals? With Easy Start-Up you will be able to sell your rooms to billions of people, on the most important hotel booking websites. FIND OUT HOW...

Online Instantly

On the most important global portals to attract tourists from around the world, and much more. By examining the location and the influx of tourists in your area, you will identify the most suitable portals for your hotel.

Instant Management

We will look after the uploading of the pictures, texts, services, rates and promotions. Your facility will be immediately available to book, with instant revenue!

Marketing Tools

Not only will we "put you on-line", but thanks to a detailed analysis of the competition and market trends, we will also provide you with valuable suggestions on the rates to charge and discounts to offer. Together we will calculate the right prices and the most suitable promotions, personally taking care of the first online upload.

Being added to OTA requires


Setting up texts

Setting up rooms

Setting up promotions


Setting up photos

Setting up rates

Availability alignment

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With formula FIVE you can choose the world's top 5 portals.

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With formula TEN you can choose the world's top 5 top portals and 5 specially selected portals.