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More than 30 languages available
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Booking Engine R2 strong yesterday, leader today

Powerful, flexible, secure. In a word, revolutionary.

The new release Booking Engine R2, developed by Booking Expert, is the result of experience and in-depth knowledge of the needs of operators and customers within the hospitality industry.

It integrates everything needed to manage the facility's availability, rates and offers, through the website, mobile and social networks.

It is not just a Booking Engine but a BMS (Booking Management System), which lets you apply new marketing tools, to increase bookings and revenue, getting the most out of the official website.

Exclusive features, tailored to the real needs of hoteliers and customers, make the new version Booking Engine R2 the most comprehensive software on the market.

  • Back-end user-friendly and extremely flexible;
  • Clear and engaging front-end, to generate more conversions;
  • Innovative dynamic BAR feature, obtained with the combination of rate plans, to always offer the best price available;
  • Facebook fan page App;
  • Possible to integrate with all PMS and Channel Manager using XML API;
  • Full integration with leading high conversion vertical portals (TripAdvisor, Trivago, Google HPA, Google Hotel Finder...) to promote availability and price;
  • Available in more than 30 languages.

List of Channel Managers interfaced with Booking Engine R2:


Booking Expert
XML 2 ways
XML 2 ways
Booki Tech
XML 2 ways / EasyRam / BNBChannel
XML 2 ways
Ericsoft Hotel 3° e 4° - Ericsoft S.r.l.
XML 2 ways
XML 2 ways
XML 2 ways
GP Dati
XML 2 ways
XML 2 ways
XML 2 ways
XML 2 ways
LeoRevoo - Gestione Albergo
XML 2 ways
XML 2 ways
OctoRate / Liverate
XML 2 ways
XML 2 ways
Passepartout Welcome - Passepartout S.p.a.
XML 2 ways
XML 2 ways
Simple Booking
XML 2 ways
SysHotel - Sysdat Turismo S.p.a.
XML 2 ways
Vertical Booking
XML 2 ways
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Channel Manager in process

XML 2 ways
XML 2 ways
XML 2 ways
XML 2 ways
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If you use another Channel Manager not listed, do not worry, we are available to expand and implement new connections.

For more information and to have access to the XML specifications (OTA) or if you have any special requests, you can contact us directly.

Discover the key features

  • Automatic BAR (Best Available Rate) creation for the best price guaranteed

  • Facebook fan page App.

    Exclusive app for booking and for packages

  • Responsive graphics suitable for all resolutions and devices

  • Stream "JSON offers". To create pages of offers that will also be automatically integrated in the site


    Make your site perfectly synchronized to the Booking Engine.

  • Management of satisfaction questionnaires to be automatically sent to the customers

  • Maximum profiling of staff access for simple and specific use

  • Full front-end text customisation.
    More than 30 languages available

  • Search calendar creation, with the inclusion of infinite message types to alert the user

  • Possible to integrate with all PMS and Channel Managers using two-way XML API

  • Customisation of all components and functions of each booking step

  • Customisation of the characteristics required by the customer during the booking process, both general data and room data

  • Customisation of the look and the content of the vouchers for the period of stay and/or booking date

  • Customisation of email booking notification with different messages for every type of recipient

  • Customising the CSS for total integration with the graphical style of the official website, during all booking steps

  • Customised services, not just conventional options (B&B, half board and full board)

  • Infinite payment methods, not just the standard credit card as a guarantee

  • Automatic rules for multi-list management

  • Creation of automatic rules for multi-list management

  • Payment methods varied according to rate type and/or period

  • Discounts applicable to rates and/or services with more validity criteria, general savings and/or exclusive promo codes

  • Flexibility in the creation and configuration of room types

  • Flexibility in managing rates per room/per person, availability on-request or real time

  • API integration with leading web-reporting providers (Google Analytics, Shinystat, Piwik Analytics...)

  • Integration with leading online payment gateways (Banca Sella, PayPal, BNL Positivity, etc...)

  • Advanced management of email messages (HTML/TXT), with persuasive texts saying thanks, providing information, etc... Setting the sending date: before and/or after the stay

  • Advanced management of services in addition to the overnight stay (up-selling) with selection by rate, daily, one-off, cost per person, cost per bed, etc...

  • Advanced management of packages with possibility to connect them, or not, to room availability

  • Advanced management of browsing and search statistics with graphical reporting exportable in Excel and/or PDF

  • Simplified settings for managing VAT and tourist taxes

  • Integrated currency converter

    Special rates, availability, policies and payments


    Rates and policies reserved for special business agreements

  • PCI-DSS certified server and software with SSL 256 bit encryption to ensure total data security

  • Reduce abandonment and increase conversions by helping to book, directly on the facility's website if there is no availability, alternative options from within the group.

    Per le catene è possibile ottimizzare le ricerche senza disponibilità, sui siti web delle singole strutture, facendo visualizzare le strutture alternative del gruppo anche sull'interfaccia di prenotazione della singola struttura.

  • Booking with room change: your customer can make online bookings changing the room, no more "gaps" and searching without availability!  EXCLUSIVE NEWS!

    Il tuo cliente potrà fare prenotazioni online scegliendo di cambiare camera durante il soggiorno, niente più "buchi" e ricerche senza disponibilità!
    Questa straordinaria funzionalità esclusiva ti consentirà di recuperare migliaia di euro per prenotazioni potenzialmente perse.
    Neanche le OTA riescono a fornire una soluzione prenotabile dove non ci sia la stessa tipologia di camera disponibile in tutte le date del soggiorno...con Booking Expert si può!
    Siamo andati anche oltre l'impossibile, il sistema consente anche di applicare un'extra sconto per riconoscere al cliente il piccolo disagio di cambiare camera durate il proprio soggiorno.


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