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BTO Buy Tourim On Line 2016


Firenze (FI)

BTO - Buy Tourism Online is today the benchmark event in Italy on the links between tourism and innovation. It is a jam-packed two-day conference with some 150 events geared towards: operators of the long tourist supply chain, particularly those responsible for governing tourism in their respective areas, for stakeholders, for those engaged in the marketing and distribution of tourism products and those who study, teach and are involved in research.

Event of the day:

Day: DAY ONE 30/11/2016 Time: 12:20/13:10 Room: FOCUS # 5

Training seminar: Call them if you want OTAmisation!
Practical tips to increase direct boOTAkings and reduce distribution costs.

Event speakers:

Marcello Dell'Adamino - CEO & CFO - Co-Founder Booking Expert    Partner and Co-founder of Booking Expert, since 2006 he has been responsible for managing the direct sales network, the partners and distributors nationwide and internationally.

Antonio Maresca - Studio Maresca    Hotel and Tourism Web Marketing Consultant, speaker and lecturer at major national industry events. Antonio is an eminent professional in an increasingly more difficult and competitive context.


In addition, we will present many new developments and innovations:

> The new system ACR - Advanced Central Reservation;

> The exclusive system Concierge Guest Care;

> The new platform Channel Manager BeSync;

> The new layout of the revolutionary system Booking Engine R2;

Contact us to make an appointment at our STAND:

  • Stand no. 47
  • SPADOLINI Pavilion

we will also let you purchase access to the BTO "forever at € 180.00" with a reserved promotional code.


...we look forward to welcoming you!

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