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Booking Engine R2
Strong yesterday, leader today

Powerful, flexible, secure. In a word, revolutionary. The new release Booking Engine R2, developed by Booking Expert, is the result of experience and in-depth knowledge of the needs of operators and the customers within the hospitality industry. It integrates everything needed to manage the facility's availability, rates and offers, through the website, mobile and social networks.

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2-way Channel Manager
All portals updated, with a click

Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, you can manage easily, quickly and automatically all booking portals that sell your rooms. Over 250 portals/channels that can be connected (OTA, B2B, GDS and Booking Engine management systems) and interfaced with all the main management systems (PMS) present on the market.

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Direct Advertising
Advertising to increase your sales without commissions.

Indispensable for the tourist promotion of your facility on the main Internet advertising channels. High-converting advertising campaigns on Google, on hospitality Metasearch (Tripadvisor, Trivago, Kayak etc) and on Social Networks. Invest in promotion and visibility campaigns...

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The distribution system Booking Expert is connected to all the main room management systems (PMS)
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About Us
Why choose us?
  • We are an innovative, young and solid Italian company with over 1,200 clients.
  • We guarantee professional, reliable and fast technical support.
  • We have 10 years of Know-how and experience in the tourist sector.
  • We simplify and optimise the management of all online distribution increasing sales.
  • Any software can be customised according to your needs.
  • We do not charge commission on bookings received.
  • We listen to our clients and we are available to design new interfaces and features.
Certified security
  • Our servers and our software are certified PCI-DSS, regularly exceeding the stringent security checks in order to maintain the standards of sensitive customer data protection.
  • For data encryption, we use VeriSign by Symantec, the most well-known and highly-rated SSL certificate.
  • We perform periodic preventive maintenance on our entire Cloud infrastructure.
  • We use the most advanced redundancy and replication technologies (on European 3 Data Centres), to ensure maximum access and connectivity.